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Our staff have held a variety of technical positions over the years giving you decades of IT experience.


Data recovery

Incremental, offsite, encrypted backups for data safety.


Computer Updates

Maintain network security by ensuring the latest stable updates are installed.


Wireless Connectivity

Transparent wifi connectivity, regardless of your square footage.


Network solutions

Link your offices together into a local network, or, maintain server firewalls.

We can provide you with per-device recovery based on your requirements. Reduce downtime to minutes, and save your local files from encryption attacks! Backups for local or shared resources are also provided using our incremental, encrypted, secure backup systems.

We can help you with you remote connectivity and data access needs. Security is an important aspect of letting people work from home; make sure you are doing it right, we can help!

Windows updates these days can cause more issues then they fix, but why should you spend hours of your day making sure you dont become an 'update victim'? We monitor known issues with patches and will help ensure you get your patches safely based on the risk/reward/danger ratio. Ensuring proper system and network security is one of many steps needed in this day to prevent from malfeasants and malware.

Have more than one location and wish you could make it a seamless experience? We can help you combine your networks, regardless of ISPs onto a merged network. We also have the ability to directly connect two locations with line of sight with network and/or internet* connectivity *based on geographical location

Feeling overwhelmed?

We can help put everything in perspective if you let us know your situation. Quotes are always free, and we have many specialists in their field ready to assist.

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Service Process

Affordable solutions for your needs


Fast response

Our response times outperform service requirements, usually resulting in replies within the hour.


Secure payments

We accept credit card and e-transfer payments


Expert team

We have a team of software engineers, computer experts, network experts, and other experts of all-things IT.


Affordable services

IT solutions should not be limited to big companies. Protect your small business with our affordable rates.


24/7 Emergency service

We provide 24/7 emergency services packages for high-volatility 24/7 business operations.


Top tier services

Top tier services allow you to set it and forget it; we handle the rest!

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